Hannah Brown: I Thought The Bachelor Was For Losers

Hannah Brown found fame on the Bachelor. Then she went to be Bachelorette and now she’s Dancing With The Stars. In an interview with Marie Claire, she talks about her feeling about the franchise and what it brought her. Let’s dig into all that:

Hannah Brown Dancing With The Stars

“I didn’t aspire to be on The Bachelor, didn’t watch the show. I thought it was for losers truly.” After many of her friends got engaged or married, she decided to give the show a chance. She finished in seventh place but the former beauty queen got her chance to shine as the Bachelorette.

“For a year, the only focus that I had was finding a spouse, and then I don’t have one? I was just crushed. She added: I can’t even remember loving Wyatt at this point because it was just so … pfft.” Though the couple was all loved up, Jed Wyatt admitted that he joined the show because he saw it as a huge platform for his budding country music career. So, heartbroken and single, Hannah Brown joined Dancing with The Stars.

“I will not settle,” Brown says. “It doesn’t matter how lonely it might feel on a Saturday night by myself when I see my friends posting pictures with their husbands or out with the guy they’re dating. I don’t care. I would rather protect [my heart]. … I am totally okay on my own and I don’t want to have a man to feel whole. It’s not that I need that to feel like I have a full life. No, I have a full life. Welcome into my life.” Despite the heartache, Miss Brown is a good place.

Former Miss Alabama USA simply stated that she needs DWTS and “I know I need this growth.” She is young, gorgeous and now, famous. Hannah Brown did not win Colton Underwood’s heart, but she is doing her own thing. And no person should settle. And she has the support of the whole Bachelor Nation.


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