Blind Gossip, CDAN, What’s Their Deal?

Blind gossip and especially CDAN aka crazydaysandnights are among the most popular websites, yet they are covered in mystery. Let’s see if we can learn more about them, what are the blind items and why are they different than just gossiping.

The Rise and Rise of Blind Gossip

blind gossip blind items CDAN gossiping enty crazydaysandnights

Even though this is not a new phenomenon, blind items are getting more attention with the rise of social media. The first blind gossips started as blackmail weapons, and they are still harmful, even though no one is named and shamed. Gossip columns suffered a great deal with defamation lawsuits, so finding a way around them was inevitable.

Can We Trust The Blinds?

blind gossip blind items CDAN gossiping enty crazydaysandnights

Blind items listed under blind gossip or CDAN, the most popular websites of this kind, are partly fictional. But they also come from reliable sources. Those sources can be people who want to protect themselves or celebrities, royals, famous people, who want attention.

What is CDAN?

Crazy days and nights is an engaging website, which got a lot of fraction a few years ago. It is run by Enty Lawyer and exposed a lot regarding Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Michael Jackson, Bryan Singer and more of the filthy world of the influential celebrities. Enty remains a mystery: he says he is an entertainment lawyer and that’s pretty much all we know. He may as well be because it is clear that famous people are afraid of him.

The Good and The Bad Side of The Blinds

blind gossip blind items CDAN gossiping enty crazydaysandnights

Blind items are a lot of fun if they are fluffy and juicy. Who is hooking up with whom, who is faking a friendship, but there is a dark side.

It is amusing to read that two celebrities, X and Y, are fighting but pretending to be BFFs to sell more records. Yet, when you read about drug abuse, rapists, and other criminal behavior, it creates a level of anxiety. You get attached to the story despite not knowing who did it or if it happened. It also raises specific conspiracy theories, which can only increase your paranoia.

What Do These Bloggers Want?

blind gossip blind items CDAN gossiping enty crazydaysandnights

Just like any other blogger, it is all about traffic. The more you click, the more they make. People behind blind gossips can create a fake drama for the sake of it. They are not naming anyone; therefore, they can make up a story. Anyone can do that. The problem is that the most famous sites have proven themselves to be right, at least from time to time. When you get a certain level of credibility, you can do whatever you want. Is it about exposing the truth? It all depends on who’s writing and who is behind it. Sources lie, so it gives this whole story another, more sinister level. Personally, I like to keep at least some level of respect, because famous people are just as vulnerable as others. On the other side, fame gets you all kinds of perks. Dealing with gossip simply raises your profile in the celebrity area. It’s not a life for just anyone, but at least blind items give us a guaranteed satisfaction: no matter how famous or rich people are, they are just as lost as the rest of us.

The Science Behind Gossiping

blind gossip blind items CDAN gossiping enty crazydaysandnights

Yes, there is a science behind our need to gossip. It makes us feel better like we are above someone. Again, you have to keep it on the light side and not get emotionally invested in it. I prefer to talk about famous people rather than people I know. Because I have that safe distance, I am not involved, and it’s just like reading your daily horoscope. It is entertaining, yet you forget about it the moment another, more interesting topic comes up.

blind gossip blind items CDAN gossiping enty crazydaysandnights

People talk, and people make up stuff. It is what we do. Your Instagram doesn’t represent your reality, and that applies to celebrities, especially.  Similar to that, blind gossips are just fragments of someone’s imagination or someone’s life. Whatever you read, try not to jump to any conclusions or worse – get sucked into the conspiracy theories.

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