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Celebface: The Truth About Celebrities

Celebface is worth talking about because it’s not that we don’t like to see beautiful people. It’s that we are tired of filters and Photoshop.

Not that long ago, the most prominent issues were ad campaigns. We all remember that Ralph Lauren Photoshop fails with a shrinking model. Then, there was Victoria’s Secret add with the model’s missing arm. We laughed at Photoshop fails, without realizing that things are about to get worse. And that’s why we need Celebface.

The Instagram account under the name Celebface isn’t mocking celebrities. It’s showing the world the reality, without Facetune or AirBrush apps. And what makes this account even more interesting is that no one is safe. From Instagram influencers and vloggers to Instamodels, if you are excessively using filters, you will get exposed. So why do we need to know the reality behind glammed up photos? Because selfie dysmorphia is on the rise. Young women and men are going to plastic surgeons asking to look like freaking filters. As if growing up wasn’t hard enough, competing with digital avatars, not just supermodels is exhausting. It’s like looking at perfection and then seeing something even more perfect. The whole filter industry is making people feel uncomfortable since there’s no such thing as more perfect than perfection.

filters and Photoshop Celebface selfie dysmorphia

Celebface often points out the spot a photo has been manipulated. It’s easier to be a bit more comfortable in your skin when you know that you’re not looking into a picture of a real person. And it’s more than that: most magazines always point out Kardashians’ Photoshop fails, but no one bothers to mention other names. Bella Hadid has a scientifically proven perfect face. Guess what; it’s not hers, so we can safely go back to beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We worship celebrities, and we pay for their lifestyles, jets, clothes, and diamonds. Why? Well, that’s a complicated question, but it’s not like we are the first generation to be completely blindsided by celebrity culture. We may, however, be one of the first to start seeing just how manipulated the whole culture is, and Celebface is just what’s on the surface.

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It may be the right time to start digging into what makes someone worth worshiping. Stopping selfie dysmorphia is just phase one; the other phases are going to bring out much bigger mistakes than Photoshop or filters.

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