Huawei’s HongMeng OS isn’t for phones

Over the past few months, Huawei’s HongMeng OS has been all over the news- for better or for worse. According to reports, the OS is at its final development stage and may launch in either August or September this year.
Huawei’s HongMeng OS became popular after the US government slammed the company with a devastating trade ban. But the truth is, the operating system has been in existence long before the US government sanctioned the Chinese firm.

 HongMeng OS Huawei’s smartphones

At the peak of the trade ban, HongMeng OS was touted to replace Google-owned Android OS on Huawei’s smartphones. And that seemed accurate until recently.
In a quick turn of events, the Chinese tech giant has come out to refute the claim that the OS will feature on its future smartphones- or any smartphone at all.

If it isn’t for smartphones, what is it for?

Now, the question is, if the Hongmeng OS isn’t for smartphones, what could it possibly be for?

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Well, we have the answer already, and it couldn’t be more official. While fielding questions from newsman at a media event in Belgium, Huawei Vice President, Catherine Chen, stated that the upcoming super-fast HongMeng OS is designed to work for businesses that use the Internet of Things platform.
Chen also emphasized the reason why the operating system wouldn’t work on any smartphone. She explained that the OS consists of just hundreds of thousands of lines of codes. And this comes nowhere near the multiple million lines of codes necessary to create a mobile OS.
Another major factor is HongMeng’s low latency, which makes it unsuitable for a mobile operating system.

What if Huawei is buying itself enough time to perfect its mobile OS?

Coming at a time when the company is back in business with US tech giants and component suppliers. You can bet that Huawei is trying not to rush things since it now has full access to the Android platform.

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Huawei may be putting its planned mobile OS on hold for now, but you can bet it’s not going to be for long. The company is still working on a full mobile OS that will help break its dependency on the Android platform.

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