Wild Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories aren’t anything new. Elvis is not dead was way before the Internet, as well as “The Kennedys killed MM.” But it is true that in the internet era, creating gossip and eventually urban myth or conspiracy theory is easy. Check out the wildest celebrity conspiracy theories:

Kim Kardashian’s Marriage

It was a wedding of 2011, followed by divorce after 72 days. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries made a huge mistake but calling the whole thing a scam is over the top. Still, many people believe that’s just what happened. Not only does it makes them look bad, but it was also well documented these two dated and they aren’t in a good place. They almost hate each other. If they planned it, they would act differently after all those years.

Nicolas Cage is a Vampire

People still believe this conspiracy theory. It started with a photo from 1870 showing a man who looked very like Nicolas Cage. The next thing we know is everyone’s talking about this. Nicolas Cage is a vampire became a meme. A similar thing happened to Keanu Reeves, but at least we know why. The actor barely aged since he was in his 20s.

Katy Perry is JonBenét Ramsey

JonBenét was never killed in ’96, she is alive and well and we all know her. She is Katy Perry. Sometimes these conspiracy theories are hurtful, not just insane. Did anyone dare to ask Perry’s parents about this? Or the Ramsey family?

Solange is Beyonce’s Daughter

Sisters, Solange and Beyonce, are not actually sisters, according to celebrity conspiracy theorists. While we know that many famous people lie about their age, how old would this make Beyonce? We can partly blame Mathew Knowles for this rumour, but he simply stated Bey was older, like 3-4 years older. Not old enough to be the mother of her sister.

Queen Elizabeth II is a Cannibal or The Lizard

Conspiracy theorists love this idea that the Queen is either a lizard or a cannibal. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth II is vital because she eats babies and children. Also, in other crazy news, she is a lizard. All of them are. The Queen isn’t the queen, she or he is simply changing faces, but the ruler of the UK isn’t human.

Snapchat Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theories conspiracy theorists conspiracy theory Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Katy Perry is JonBenét Ramsey Nicolas Cage is a Vampire

This one is not that hard to believe, considering all that we learned about social media. Snapchat scans your face as a part of an FBI program called the Next Generation Identification system. Snapchat had to deny, deny, deny. We have a question: does this mean our dogs and cats are also in that secret system?

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