Traveling Solo: The Most Empowering Experience

Traveling solo is one of the most empowering experiences if you are a woman. It’s not an easy decision, from picking a safer destination to booking a flight, the whole deal can turn you into an anxious wreck. But once you are on your own, you will get into moments of complete freedom, and learn more about what makes you unique.

Traveling solo  safe destinations  Empowering  Traveling alone

When choosing a destination for your solo adventure, choose places on the safer side. According to, the top ten safest choices are Spain, Singapore, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, and Iceland. The great news is that the majority of these countries are different in culture, architecture, with various historical and culinary adventures. The downside is that it’s almost 2020, and we still need women who are traveling solo to know which countries are the safest.

Traveling on your own is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. You are in charge; your common sense and decision making skills are the only ones you can rely on. It can be lonely, but with all the sightseeing and delicious foods, shopping centers, and tours with guides, it’s not that scary. You’d feel lonelier if you were traveling with a bad company.

Traveling solo  safe destinations  Empowering  Traveling alone

Since every decision is up to you, it does feel like you are about to conquer the planet. That feeling “I can do anything” is irreplaceable and worth the anxiety, you are likely to get while preparing for the journey.

To avoid unwanted attention while traveling solo, try to blend in. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes and don’t be afraid to meet new people. You don’t have to tell all about yourself; you don’t have to mention that you are traveling alone. If a situation doesn’t feel right, leave. European men may call you names, but the number of assaults compared to the States in way lower.

Traveling solo  safe destinations  Empowering  Traveling alone

Focus on what you see, try to be in the moment, and explore how a specific monument or nature scenery makes you feel. Get to know yourself by traveling solo and learning about the world. It’s never about the destination, but about all the adventures you get to experience during your time apart from the world you are safely tucked in. And that’s what’s truly empowering.

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