Taylor Swift: Bigger Than The Beatles, M.J.

In the past decade, Taylor Swift was breaking records left and right. And it’s safe to say, that in the music industry, 2019 was the Year of Taylor. The American Music Awards announced that Taylor Swift will receive the AMA’s Artist of the Decade award at the 2019 ceremony on Nov. 24. Taylor Swift has won more AMAs than any other artist this decade. And she has a chance to break another record.

Taylor Swift Michael Jackson  Artist of the Decade taylor swift guinness world records

Last year, Swift made history for being a female artist with the most AMAs wins, surpassing Whitney Houston. This year, she has the chance to break Michael Jackson’s record for the most AMA wins of all time. And make no mistake, this is just another achievement for the singer/songwriter. Her album Lover is best-selling music pre-order of all time, surpassing Swift’s 2017 release Reputation. Wait, there’s more.

Taylor Swift is the most awarded artist in Billboard Music Awards’ history. When she was 20, she became the youngest artist ever to win the Grammy for Album of the year. The 29-year-old is the most-awarded person in Teen Choice history. And yes, she has a place among Guinness world records. Talk about being an overachiever.

Taylor Swift Michael Jackson  Artist of the Decade taylor swift guinness world records

Where is soon to be birthday girl now? Oh, there she is setting three Guinness world records. Highest annual earnings ever for a female pop star as well as learnings for a musician and highest-earning living celebrity (female). And you can join her in Taylor Swift Guinness World Record Lyric Challenge. DJ Dan Simpson from England set the Guinness record for naming the most Taylor Swift songs in one minute. He named 27, can you beat that?

There’s no doubt Taylor is the Artist of the Decade. If you look at all the achievements, this was her decade. But she is turning 30 and things can go both ways now. Will she reinvent herself again like Madonna did all her career? Or will Taylor Swift find her adult sound and stick to it? With breaking over 30 World Records throughout her career, she doesn’t lack ambition. But watching her in the 2020s will be interesting. Will she be able to keep up and cope with all the expectations?


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