Shakira and Jennifer Lopez On Their Super Bowl 2020 Show

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are set to perform at Super Bowl 2020. The singers were Fox guests, and they opened up about what their performance represents.

Shakira started: “I feel incredibly honored and humbled to be next to J.Lo, representing the Latino community. That is such an important force in the United States.” Lopez added that she loves that Super Bowl 2020 will be in Miami. She said: ” It’s a very Latino town and that they picked the two of us.”

Lopez explained: “At the end of the day, it’s about making a statement of love and unity and making everybody come together just for a moment.” Both singers are excited that two women will be performing at Super Bowl, the biggest NFL event.

Jennifer Lopez had a busy month, promoting Hustlers. The singer/actress/designer/dancer got raving reviews and might be even entering the Oscar race. Lopez tweeted to celebrate the big announcement, as well as the launch of a flash pop-up store for her new fragrance, Promise, in New York City.

Super Bowl 2020 Show Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

Women shared a lot of compliments. Shakira said that Lopez is “a champion in everything she does.” Lopez answered: “She does her own thing, there’s nobody like her. I know that the two of us together are going to bring that special brand of what we do.”

However, Super Bowl 2020 will have some added performers. A source told ET: “The NFL wants to make it a big event that focuses on Miami,” the source added. “The Super Bowl halftime show will be a melody of numerous acts, performing together at times.”

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez will bring a lot of energy to the stage. J.Lo promised fun for everyone involved, while Shakira said there will be a surprise. Something tells us it’s going to be one of the best Super Bowl 2020 halftime shows ever!

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