Reality Love: Bachelor in Paradise vs. Love Island

Dating on gorgeous beaches, sexy people and all the drama… Sounds like Bachelor in Paradise, or more recently Love Island US. Let’s check out how these two dating shows can coexist despite literally the same premises.

Love Island US is coming to an end and it’s already renewed for season 2. It’s raunchy, steamy, kind of like Big Brother, only with the focus on romance. And more skin. Unlike the original British edition, Love Island US is a bit less trashy, but we are talking about season 1. Things will get much dirtier later.

Bachelor in Paradise is coming back, people are counting the hours. Well Bachelor nation fans are, I am not so sure about the rest of the planet. It’s full of just as hot people, wearing tiny swimwear and yes, these people were already on Bachelor or Bachelorette. They were rejected from the original shows.

So, what’s the difference? Both shows are painfully scripted even for Reality TV. It is obvious that the people want the attention on Instagram, not love. Although, Love Islanders get a cash prize as well, which is the only reason I would think about entering the dark world of reality TV. And who can blame them? While Love Island is a bit funnier, it is not organic, most of the time. The interactions on Paradise are much more realistic, simply because the contestants already met.

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Bachelor in Paradise and Love Island are filmed for the same audience. That’s why all the competition stories aren’t true. One is ending, the other show is starting, so it’s not like you have to decide which one to watch. As for the reality part of these Reality TV shows, Love Islanders have better chances of survival. At least, that’s what you get when you compare the Bachelor couples to the Love Islanders in the UK.

Love Island lets the audience decide who stays and who goes, while the Paradise is all about that rose. The first has more goofy, cheeky moments, and seems like the couples are more relaxed. In BiP, everything, from music to dates, is a bit reserved, yet the chemistry is better. Both shows are ideal for lazy summer days when you don’t feel like watching anything that requires more than 1% of your brainpower. Just don’t watch make-out sessions on Love Island with your parents.

Once the latest BiP is over, we can do an in-depth analysis of the shows. For now, let’s hear which Love Island couples are your winners and what would take for you to complete in these shows? It’s like Tinder, only on beaches of Mexico or Fiji, and there are cameras everywhere…

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