Bachelor in Paradise: Tayshia Adams Is The Voice of Reason

Tayshia Adams was a guest at Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowsky’s  Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. The Bachelor in Paradise star didn’t spill any tea. Instead, she just said what every sane person was thinking.

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Tayshia Adams aka The Voice of Reason

Let’s kick off with Blake Horstmann and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. First, she accused him of basically sleeping with her than ghosting her. Then Blake showed their messages to the world, which said that all Caelynn wanted was sex. Meanwhile, Blake slept with Kristina, and now Caelynn is probably dating Dean. Yes, the same Dean who broke Kristina’s heart. SO much drama!

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.@deanie_babies has become a new man for #BachelorInParadise, tonight! We must-ache why though… 😬

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Adams said: “I don’t think that Blake should have shared his text messages. I mean, those are personal, but I do feel like there was always more to the story than everyone was leading on. And so, like I said, those text messages weren’t surprising to me.” She continued: “I kind of have a little bit better idea of who Caelynn is as a person than the viewers. So yeah, I think everyone was shocked, but I really wasn’t shocked.”

Despite what Blake and Caelynn said or shared, we don’t know the whole story. We know that he did go to see Hannah Godwin just a week before they started shooting Bachelor in Paradise. So, Tayshia Adams asked a perfectly reasonable question:

“To be honest, if someone is using their miles on you — he flew all the way to Alabama to see you — deal with it outside the show,” she said. “You obviously both like each other. What did you need to come to Paradise for? Figure it out. What do you need? The cameras? I don’t understand what the purpose was. That rubbed me the wrong way.”

We know that they came to Mexico for fame and Instagram likes, but it makes one wonder: is all the drama worth it? After everything Hannah heard and saw, is Blake really a guy she wants? And why is she still pretending to be torn between 5-6 men?

One thing is for sure: there’s more drama off the show, then in Bachelor in Paradise.  

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Tanner Tolbert and Demi Burnett are currently in a social media war. Demi did tell him that she dated a woman before coming to Paradise. But then he heard she’s about to marry her and lost it. Tanner posted: “Before filming even began I heard that Demi planned to leave the show engaged to this girl… I support Demi fully, but she could have proposed off the show. I am tired of everyone talking beforehand and pre-planning these relationships.” Burnett told him where to go, and not to trust all the rumors. TL;DR: Demi Burnett isn’t the same as Hannah Brown’s ex-fiancé, Jed Wyatt.

In case you wanted to be part of this cast… Don’t. This sounds like anything but paradise.

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