Miley and Liam Aren’t Playing It Nice

Forget amicable divorce, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are playing a media war and the dirt is slowly coming out. On top of that, Miley released a new song, Slide Away, which is clearly about the break-up.

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Brandy Cyrus said that she is on her sister’s side and we will be too, once the truth comes out. Other sources from Miley say that The Hunger Games star was drinking and doing drugs. Liam’s pals say that she was the one cheating. And, that the singer is using the drug and alcohol accusations to distract from the real cause of the split.

According to song lyrics, Cyrus mentioned pills, alcohol, ending with “Move on, we’re not 17/I’m not who I used to be/You said that everything changed/You’re right I’m grown now. “

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Okay why did they break up again? They were my favorite couple… #miam #mileycirus #liamhemsworth #divorsed #seperated #wedding #over #favoritecouple

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Australian tabloids claim that the Hemsworth family is doing everything in their power not to let Liam slip. A source said: “Miley and Liam both keep saying the word “separated”, not “divorcing”, which has his family really worried they’re leaving the door open to get back together in the future.” So, his side claims she was immature and cheating. Her side is that he was abusing substances. They’ve been together for almost 10 years before the wedding. So why marry at all?

While they are still staying away from direct attacks, at least in public, we know how PR games work. Forget The Hunger Games, this media war is turning nuclear, but at least they are both getting a great deal of publicity. Now, let’s wait and see who’s gonna talk first. And who is going to end up with more damage to the reputation? Let us know what you think, drop a comment here, on Instagram or Facebook!

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