Mental Health Improvement

October is International Mental Health Awareness Month. And today is the day World Mental Health Day. But just like we eat, sleep, we need to take care of our minds every single day. Here are some small steps which will lead to mental health improvement.

Mental Health Improvement World Mental Health Day

If you are struggling, you need to talk to a specialist. Luckily, you can do it online, if you are afraid to talk in person. The downside is that therapists can be pricey and you have to know that they are tools, but you are the solutions. Talking to your friends and family can help, but depending on the levels of your anxiety or depression, all you really need from them is their support. The support to find a specialist and stick to your treatment.

In order to deal with daily tasks, we often need a push. We need to take small steps to develop a routine which will lead to mental health improvement. Here’s some of them, start today, and start small.

Mental Health Improvement

Be in the moment. Do not try to multitask, do not dwell on what happened or think about the future. Just take a few moments and look around, what you see, what you can smell, taste, right this very moment.

Count your blessings. Really, just write down three things you are grateful for. It’s simple, and it should be part of your daily routine. It gives your mind a kick, a positive boost.

Mental Health Improvement

Healthy body, healthy mind. Eat well and exercise regularly. Avoid sugars, alcohol, too much caffeine and red meat. Eat more veggies and fish. For a snack, grab some almonds, or have an apple. Don’t skip your exercise, even if it just 10 minutes per day. Mental health improvement is a process and you won’t see the progress that fast. But it is there.

You can try to meditate, but if you cannot find that inner peace now, let’s try something else. Did you hear about progressive muscular relaxation? It is ideal because it combines being mindful with naturally slowing down your thoughts.

Mental Health Improvement

Finally, disconnect. Play the piano, paint, read, write. Give your phone time out. Get out for a walk, talk to your loved ones, but do not use your phone, TV, laptop,… It’s a reminder that life can be fulfilled without being addicted to technology.

Talk, to your therapist, to your friends, to your family. Even if you are feeling fine, check out how are they doing. Talk to reduce stigma since you can help others with mental health improvement.

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