Fashion Trends for 2020 You Can Find on Sales Now

Fashion trends are kind of like radio songs. Some are good, others are bad, but mostly you are just stuck with them, and no, you cannot escape them. While this is sale season and people are focused on best deals, without thinking about the new season, let’s see how to shop sales and embrace fashion trends for 2020. Hint: it is much easier that one might think.

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Hope you aren’t tired of animal prints because they aren’t going anywhere. Last year it was all about the wild cats, this was the year of the snakes. What will next season bring? Again, mostly cats, leopards to be precise. The same print can look classy (Jackie O) or trashy (most of reality TV stars). Since it is wild and sexy, find pieces that a bit on the conservative side, from classic knee-high boots to tea dresses. Crop tops with animal print are just tacky, but a beautiful leopard coat is a timeless piece (Kate Moss knows that).

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Latest couture collection at @dior, Loved the theme and couture details! Trend spoted: puff big sleeves! Sheer fabrics #puffsleeves #sheerdress #trends2020 مجموعه ديور با يك داستان و شوي زيبا، هنر كوتور زيبا! 🙂 ايا مي دونين مجموعه هاي كوتور به از تعيين كننده ترين عوامل ترند هاي سال اينده هستن ؟ #couturefashion #parisfashionweek #pariscoutureweek #trendreport

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It does feel like the next year sums up some of the best trends of the past decade. We have two clashing tendencies, both 70s to early 80s inspired. On the one hand, there’s a return of classy dressing, elegance, and refined silhouettes. On the other, punk isn’t dead. The rebellious trend is a perfect and logical answer to somewhat uptight looks, and these two trends always go hand in hand, and they will as key fashion trends for 2020. Invest pieces include biker jackets, studded boots, classic trench coat, pleated skirts in muted shades, and if you are all for expressing yourself via fashion, just mix and match these two trends. It is fun, daring, and wearable.

Houndstooth motif and checked print are still popular. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, because you can get an excellent suit half price off now, but you probably already have it. The issue I have with trends is that we get to see too much of something, we get sick of it. Meanwhile, these prints are pretty impressive, and overexposure isn’t doing them any favors.

Oh, the infamous neons… You probably thought they are just visiting for one summer. Think again. Neons and feathers are going to stay significant in the upcoming season, but my guess is they will be gone by the next summer. If you have to wear them, then fine. But adulating in neon colors doesn’t strike me as a stylish choice. On the other hand, various shades of red and pink are in, so why not use them instead? They are loud and bold, and you won’t look like an extra from MC Hammer’s video.

Cowboy boots made a comeback this year and if you are looking for style inspiration, check out Sienna Miller’s outfits from the mid-2000s. She wore them all the time, on the red carpet, dates, shopping, and not once did she look like she’s playing a role of some sort.

Pump up the volume on your tops and dresses! Trends for 2020 are continuing with puff sleeves, and they are suitable for work and play, especially if you have narrow shoulders and want to look a bit more hourglass and less pear-shaped.

Now, these are trends you can buy now, and it doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything new or old, that’s new again. If you find a good deal on a cape, just buy it. Bright electric blue and mix and match prints are also going to be huge. Skip Goth clothes, if that’s not your style, skinny jeans, maxi dresses and skirts (choose midi ones instead). Sadly, the whole gym outfits are still going to be part of street style, which is ironic, considering we have the return of the dress code.

The most important part of fashion is not about fashion anymore. It is about sustainability and saving what’s left of this planet. You can help by choosing eco-friendly fabrics, avoiding the whole shop till you drop mantra and checking out which stores are blacklisted due to their lack of eco-conscious. It can be a buzz-kill for shopaholics, but it will save you money. Cry now, thank me later.

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While fashion trends for 2020 aren’t exciting or surprising, at least we have choices to get chic pieces and implement them into our stylish personas. I just hope you didn’t break the bank before reading this.  

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