Polaroid Originals: New Polaroid Lab

Polaroid Originals announced its first printer and you don’t need Bluetooth. Polaroid Lab allows you to print photos taken on your phone.

The Lab has a camera inside with three lenses that take a photo of a photo that’s on a phone. It then optimizes the picture for film and prints it. It works with iPhone 6 and up and the majority of Android devices. The price of Polaroid Lab will be 100 USD and it should be out later this year. Most likely mid-October.

Polaroid Originals Polaroid Lab print photos from phone

Polaroid explained that the Lab charges over Micro USB, which should last for a month. The only requirement left is the Polaroid Originals app. This app will let you adjust your image, from colors and exposure.

The idea to print photos from the phone without Bluetooth or wireless connection is what makes this product a bit more prestigious than Fuji’s Instax or HP’s Sprocket printers. However, the first reactions aren’t all that great. In fact, this gadget brought mixed feeling among the ones who tested it. And the main question is how much do you expect from a portable printer?

Polaroid Originals Polaroid Lab print photos from phone

Since we got to the point where cell phones have cameras just as good as some professional cameras, we got used to a certain standard. This, however, doesn’t translate to printers just yet.

While the jury is still out for his new gadget from Polaroid, we see it as a great present for the upcoming holiday season. It is fun and stylish, Instagram-worthy, but it is not a groundbreaking device.

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