Top 6 Popular Mexican Desserts

Mexican desserts are awesome. While there are many wonderful destinations in Mexico: Cancun, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, our focus is on Mexican food. Whether you’re planning on exploring the streets of Mexico City or enjoying your stay at a beach resort, you’ll want to grab a tasty dessert or two.

Here are a few really good ones foodies seem to really love:


Conchas mexican desserts  foods from Mexico mexican food

While Churros originated in Spain and Portugal, the Mexican variety is better, as it can be ordered sprinkled in cinnamon sugar and dipping caramel or chocolate – along with whipped cream! You don’t have to just have them for dessert. Why not order them for breakfast with a cup of tea? Churros are available all throughout the major tourist areas.


Conchas mexican desserts  foods from Mexico mexican food

While typically served during Lent season, you can enjoy Mexican Capirotada anytime. This dessert is similar to bread pudding and can be prepared with a variety of ingredients. The closest thing to a “classic Capirotada” is a bread that is soaked in a syrup made of piloncillo, cloves, and cinnamon. Some recipes might also call for nutmeg or even cheese on the top layer of bread.

Anything With Cajeta

Conchas mexican desserts  foods from Mexico mexican food

The more of this dark, yummy caramel you can get in your Mexican desserts, the better. Cajeta-filled cupcakes are just one example; you can find in everything from cheesecake to ice cream. Cajeta itself is traditionally prepared through a process of simmering goat’s milk.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

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Whether you drink it by itself or enjoy it with any other dessert, traditional Mexican hot chocolate has a very unique taste. It’s not “overly sweet” like other hot chocolates in North America, as it has a touch of actual SPICES like cinnamon, small amounts of chili powder, and even ground cayenne in some recipes (for those who can stand it!)


With tasty fillings and a deep-fried crust, this “pillow-shaped” pastry is a delicious treat that’ll fill anybody’s sweet tooth. Order them filled with caramel, drizzled in honey, or use it as a slice of bread to mop up other ingredients on the plate.

Concha Ice Cream Sandwich

Conchas and ice cream together? It not only sounds dreamy, but it also LOOKS and TASTES heavenly – especially if it’s made with no-churn ice cream. This dessert is really becoming popular in cafes and coffee shops in Mexico and Southwest US.

No matter what your personal tastes are like, at least one of these desserts will be a great treat.

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