Worst Fashion Decade Ever

The 2010s were the worst fashion decade ever, there’s no doubt about it. So, congratulations, we survived it! The thing is that is was not about different styles; everything was about micro trends. And some of them were quite disturbing. 

2010s fashion The 2010s The Worst Fashion Decade
It’s a bag for a chihuahua

Micro bags are still a thing. Yes, the 2010s brought us bags so small, you cannot even fit a tampon in them. On the contrary, those oversized sleeves are the biggest thing in 2019. What’s that all about? And the neon came back. But what about the early 2010s fashion?

The 2010s The Worst Fashion Decade
A hat or a tent?

During the 2000s, we had several styles on repeat. It was all bohemian, rock chic, and fancy velvet tracksuits. Yes, the last one was not a good trend, but at least bags were magnificent. Then, in the early 2010s, we got color-block. And everyone looked like clowns. With extremely rich eyebrows. Was there such thing as eyebrow industry? If not, there is now. 

Infamous Gucci runway back in 2012 with color-blocking

Then, thigh-high boots became an everyday thing. The animal print went wild from the swinging 60s to the red colored snakeskin. Polka dots from the 70s, minimalism from the 90s, power suits of the 80s, we really went through so many trends in the past ten years. At the same time, the slow fashion movement started. It Isn’t possible to keep up with every trend of the 2010s. 

The 2010s The Worst Fashion Decade
Attack of the fabrics

Have you noticed how much ruffles we saw in the past ten years? And what about the organza this and that? At least it’s better than those PVC dresses, which were hot for one hot minute. The 2010s are the worst fashion decade, and what’s even worse, people hide behind feminism. Yeah, right.

The 2010s The Worst Fashion Decade 2010s fashion
Tie-dye plus crop tops are still a thing or two

Of course, it was nice to see a classic Converse comeback or to add some forgotten shades, like mint or bubble pink. But everything was changing so fast: one day it’s all about looking like a Barbie. The next, we were off to a safari. Then we were all into slip dresses, but no, we will choose crop tops instead. Then we’re off to dominatrix vibes. It’s been like that during the whole 2010s, like fashion against humanity.

Resort collections became just as important as the main ones in the 2010s. The designers had to include “see now buy now,” because the moment something is out, it will be old the next day. 

Oh, and all that 2010s fashion makeup, do we really need it? Primer, highlighters, bronzers, blushers, just to hear that we are going organic, and we need to buy everything all over again? If you were born in the 2010s, you are lucky. Because shopping went from favorite pastime to a complete nightmare. 

Current shoe trends are… different

What did we miss? Sequins, the 20s, and the 30s, return of the platforms, square shoes, pointy heels, XXL hats to match those micro bags,… The decade isn’t over yet, but we are tired, and are credit cards refuse to cooperate. The 2010s were the worst fashion decade ever because we lost in all the trendy, shiny, new things. That’s not what style is all about, and this “speed of light” fashion is destroying individuality. The fashion world, could you slow down a bit, this is no fun anymore! Now, imagine in 50 years, someone decides to recreate this mess and add all the upcoming fashion decades…

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