Temptation Island: The Rules, The Tears

Temptation Island is not your typical dating or cheating show. There’s no prize, but there are boundaries, rules, set by the partners. The show is a reboot from the early 2000s, or as we like to call it: the golden age of Reality TV.

Temptation Island

Temptation Island is a show where four happy couples are brought to Maui, Hawaii, at least this season. So, paradise location, couples in love, sounds perfect. Or does it? First, couples don’t live together. But that’s not a big deal. However, they are surrounded by singles who are trying to tempt them to leave their current relationship for a new one. It’s an experiment and a perfect substitute for Bachelor.

The couples of Temptation Island have their own rules. Let’s see what they are and make our predictions:

Temptation Island

Couple Esonica Veira and Gavin Rocker agreed that it was important “not to try to control the situation too much.” However, when it comes to kissing and more, Veira and Rocker didn’t agree. But we have faith in them. Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur had a difference of opinion in what boundaries were appropriate. Fleur said that Goldson has set “a whole list of boundaries” which includes “no massages and kissing,” but says that he hasn’t set any boundaries for Goldson. And you guessed it, they are already on the rocks. That’s Temptation Island for you.

Temptation Island

Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak believe that couples who give their partners complete freedom to test if they’re meant to be together are making a mistake because that’s the way to “completely separate yourselves and not grow closer” as a couple. Hm… Something tells us this couple will bring in more drama than the others.

Temptation Island

Kate Griffith and David Benavidez, were on the same page as the other couples in terms of physical intimacy, with Benavidez saying they “draw a really hard line with nothing physical.” These two act like troubles, so we don’t have high hopes for this couple.

So which couple do you think will survive Temptation Island?

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