Dwayne The Rock Johnson Is The Highest-Paid Actor in 2019

Forbes highest-paid list of actors is out and there are no surprises: Dwayne The Rock Johnson is the ultimate money maker. In 2019 he earned $89.4m, followed by Chris Hemsworth with $76.4m and Robert Downey Jr who earned $66m. And what about the actresses?

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Well, Forbes likes to keep things apart, since actors get way more money than actresses, so we will see that list in a couple of days. One thing we can bet on: the top ten list of all highest-paid actors and actresses would have 2 maybe 3 women.

Dwayne Johnson was the second most profitable last year. Here’s a clever way he makes all the cash per Madeline Berg, Forbes’ Media and Entertainment Reporter: “Dwayne Johnson has scored one of the best deals in Hollywood—one that’s reminiscent of the twenty-twenty deal of the 90s. He commands eight figures upfront and up to 15% of the pool from his high-grossing franchise (Jumanji) movies.”

Bradley Cooper is back on the list, while George Clooney lost his place among the top 10. Will Smith is on the bottom of the list with $35m. If this list shows anything is that even if you are last, you are doing more than fine. Here’s the complete list:

  1. Dwayne The Rock Johnson – $89,400,000
  2. Chris Hemsworth – $76,400,000
  3. Robert Downey Jr – $66,000,000
  4. Akshay Kumar – $65,000,000
  5. Jackie Chan – $58,000,000
  6. Bradley Cooper – $57,000,000
  7. Adam Sandler – $57,000,000
  8. Chris Evans – $43,500,000
  9. Paul Rudd – $41,000,000
  10. Will Smith – $35,000,000
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