Kate Hudson: “It’s about understanding your food”

Kate Hudson has three kids, and as a global ambassador for WW, she has to maintain her weight. 40-year-old embraces a healthy lifestyle a long time ago and here are her secrets to looking youthful and energized.

Kate Hudson claims: “It’s about understanding your food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, being part of a community and having support.” She also believes that wellness is the main focus, not the calories. As a WW ambassador, she wants to inspire others to live a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. 

“I am excited to walk down a street and have someone come up and say they’re apart of the community because it means they’re doing something good for themselves.” And when she is unsure about the nutrition, she uses apps, just like other mere mortals.

Hudson is filming the fantasy epic Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon – her first film project for two years. She grew up on movie sets, so naturally: “I don’t think I’ll ever stop making movies, in front or behind the camera.” The only reason she’s taking long breaks is that she has three children. Also, Kate Hudson has a side project: Happy x Nature. The actress cares about nutrition, but she also understands sustainable fashion.

“I love fashion and I always have, but the more you get involved in it, the more you see how irresponsible the industry has been with waste. We’ve spent so long thinking that ‘more’ means more luxurious when we need to start thinking that simplicity is more beautiful. It’s time to start being more responsible,” Kate Hudson concluded.

It’s not Kate’s first clothing venture; in 2013, she launched a line of workout wear, Fabletics. But Happy x Nature is her first foray into real fashion. The goal is to find the answer: “how we can make a positive impact on our environment?” At least Kate practises what she preaches!

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