Faye Dunaway Slapped a Crew Member at Tea at Five

Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway spilled some real tea at Broadway’s Tea At Five. The one-woman show Tea at Five, in which Faye Dunaway played the famed actress Katharine Hepburn, had been in the middle of a test run in Boston. Page Six reported that Dunaway’s behavior had become so hostile and dangerous that she had to be fired.

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The show’s premiere was set for July 10, but Katharine Hepburn’s memoir Me: Stories From My Life, will have to wait. At first, Dunaway was verbally abusive. Then she threw her salad on the floor. According to the same source, the famous actress was always late and didn’t even bother to learn the lines.

Faye Dunaway tea at five Katharine Hepburn Faye Dunaway Slapped a Crew Member

The same sources claim that Faye Dunaway slapped a crew member after t allegedly throwing mirrors, combs, and boxes of hairpins at the staff. Producers Scott Beck and Ben Feldman issued a statement yesterday announcing they “terminated their relationship with Faye Dunaway.”

What about Tea at Five? According to The Independent, the producers put everything on hold, until they find a replacement. While there’s no doubt that Mrs. Dunaway is an outstanding actress, replacing her with someone more human, is the only sensible thing.

The lesson is pretty clear: you cannot abuse your power, fame, and coworkers. But it is essential not to allow this kind of behavior by any person, male or female, black, white, gay, straight, young, old… It’s our duty to name and shame abusers. However, it is highly unlikely we will ever get the whole story because Faye Dunaway is a household name. She worked on Broadway since the early 60s, and this was supposed to be her comeback after 37 years. Now, it’s just a story about another overprivileged diva. Now the story is that Faye Dunaway slapped a crew member.

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