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Western Stars is Bruce Springsteen’s first studio album in five years and the Boss got his fans a special treat: documentary movie. The docu-movie with the same title will be premiered in Toronto at the film festival. For Bruce Springsteen, this is the directorial debut and we got to see the first glimpse just before Blinded by the Light hit the theaters. The real-life story of a Pakistani high schooler in Margaret Thatcher’s England that is inspired by Springsteen’s music. 

Blinded by the Light is a heart-warming story and the nostalgia will hit you hard. The music, the clothes, the whole era, are represented in a marvelous way. The acting is superb, and the fact that this isn’t a work of fiction will make you feel everything even harder. It’s a mixture of darkness and light, and the topic is anything but outdated. In fact, it may be even more relevant now than ever.

Western Stars Bruce Springsteen Blinded by the Light The Boss

Bruce Springsteen is one of the most important singers/songwriters and this is his 19. album. There was a question whether he will support Blinded by the Light, but we knew he loved the book, which the movie was based on. And of course, the fact that he decided to give fans Western Stars trailer during the promotions, says it all. This isn’t a biopic, this isn’t Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody or Elton John’s Rocketman. Bruce Springsteen’s music is a character, not the driving force.

It’s a good year for Springsteen fans. The Boss got us a new album, a film and he inspired one of the best indie films of the year.

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