iPhone 11 and News For 2020

No one is talking about iPhone 11, but people are excited about four models we won’t see until 2020. Why? Well, out of four, one will be at the lower price range. iPhone is overpriced as it is and we won’t pretend the last few models were better than any other Android.

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As for iPhone 11, it will be out at the end of September. Most likely, on September 20, but that’s yet to be confirmed. Apple will remove 3D Touch, its pressure-sensitive screen technology, from all 2019 iPhone models.  The prices depend on where you live, we know you get the best deals in the States. For the Brits, pricing will likely start around £999 and £1,099 for the XS and XS Max successors, and from £799 for the lesser-specced LCD model.  In the US, the price will start at $989, for iPhone 11R, while The iPhone 11 will set you back by $1292.

So why wait for 2020 models? For one, they will have 5G and OLED screens. Time-of-flight camera will make better portraits. We already have Android with all this and much more, yet if you are loyal Apple customer, the only news that really matters is that the prices won’t go up.

iPhone 11 and News For 2020

The whole war between Huawei and iPhone made both companies reexamine their goals and what’s more important to us, the phones’ performances. As someone who’s used pretty much every smartphone ever made, my conclusion is that they are all the same. Nothing changed in the past five years, yes, they added face recognition, but that doesn’t work all the time. The majority still uses a simple password.

Back to the new and maybe improved iPhones from the future. Apple will resize both premium iPhones next year, shrinking the 5.8-inch model to 5.4-inches and enlarging the 6.5-inch Max to 6.7-inches. The next-generation iPhone XR will stay at 6.1-inches.

If you feel like all this is somewhat underwhelming, you’re not the only one. No, I don’t think that phones should be making coffee by now, but if there are no significant improvements, why do we need more models? To confuse us? What are your thoughts? Are you team Android or iPhone?

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