Huge Food Trend in 2019 and Beyond – CBD in Everything

With the popularity of CBD these days, it’s not surprising that the “Cannabidiol” is popping up in literally everything – including edibles. In fact, it’s one of the biggest food trends. As it become legal in more places, more people get a chance to experiment with it and use the oil in various foods, from candy to coffee.

It’s also not surprising in the least that the trend is catching on with celebrities, including A-listers like Kim Kardashian, who actually just threw a “CBD-Themed Baby Shower”.

Since it is extracted from the seeds and stalks of plants like hemp, pure unfiltered CBD oil has a taste that is described from some users as “nutty” or even “earthy”. Unlike THC, the CBD Isolate won’t get anyone high, and is legal in more places. The reason why so many people are drawn to it is its purported alternative healing benefits for conditions such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

So, what are a few popular CBD edibles?


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Gummies have always been one of the most popular, versatile types of candy. While CBD gummies don’t come cheap, they are definitely worth buying. Popular flavors include citrus punch and cherry mango. These are convenient treats that can easily be packed and carried around.

Cake Pops

These not only taste great, they LOOK great and available in different flavors and colors. The amount of CBD infused in each cake pop varies.

Chocolate Snacks

These days, Cannabidiol is found in every type of chocolate snack imaginable: bars, bites, cakes, etc… There are dozens of combinations of CBD concentrations and chocolate, from dark chocolate to peanut butter and honey. Some of these snacks are even sugar-free.

CBD in Drinks

This is such a popular drink that even Starbucks is rumored to be considering adding it to its menu. Those who aren’t fans of coffee might want to try CBD-infused sparkling citrus soda or sparkling lemon tea. Health enthusiasts and vegans can try the Cannabidiol ingredient in water, either plain or flavored.

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