Thanks To TV, Chernobyl is an Instagram hot spot

HBO’s TV show inspired by the real events in Chernobyl turned a disaster into Instagram sensation.

According to Reuters, there has been a 40 percent increase in bookings since the Chernobyl miniseries debuted in May.  The tour costs around 100 USD, but what’s the real price is hard to tell.

The worst disaster of its kind goes back to April 1986. The ongoing radiation and toxicity of the area due to an explosion killed at least 9000 people (Greenpeace estimated up to 200,000 fatalities). The actual number is much higher. While there are many crazy places to visit, Chernobyl shouldn’t be on the list. Unless you are wearing a special suit and you are a scientist.

Image by Денис Резник from Pixabay 

What will make things even worse in the future is that the Russian TV station wants to create a new show, with the same name, about the same tragedy. They want to correct the mistakes from this year’s American hit show. Of course, the truth is important, but for Instagram influersers, it is all about the perfect selfie.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

Some say that the Ukranian area is now safe, and you can see hot models posing in the abandoned hospital rooms, interesting and artistic setups in deserted streets. It is simply the hottest Instagram spot at the moment. But… the feeling and the creeps you get when you think of the innocent Chernobyl victims, who didn’t even feel the death getting inside them, just doesn’t let you approve the selfies.

Anyway, noone can stop you to take a bite of that radioactive selfie cake, so go on, check in at Pripyat and share your thoughts!

Image by StudioKlick from Pixabay 

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