Popular Movies Returning As TV Shows

Creativity in Hollywood is on a break, at least one might hope. The latest proof is the series of classic, popular movies being turned into TV shows.

Remember young Leo’s Beach? That weird movie with some of the most stunning shots of nature are moving to small screens. Thai island paradise turned into hellish experience still doesn’t have a cast or release date, so watch this space.

While things are still unclear about Joel Schumacher’s 1987 vampire comedy-horror movie The Lost Boys, here’s something that’s coming this month.

Richard Curtis’s 1994 rom-com Four Weddings and a Funeral is coming on Hulu on the last day of July. We are actually looking forward to this: Mindy Kaling is behind the project and she knows how to make things funny and watchable.

Blockbuster Lord of The Rings is also on the list of movies turned into series. The show is filming as we speak and it will be a prequel. Like all the movies weren’t torturing enough… Even worse news (unless you are a fan than not so much), Watchmen is coming back. This time comic turned movie turned TV show will be on HBO and the first trailer is already here.

Here’s an interesting question: is it worse to turn the movie into a TV show, TV show into a movie or doing revivals of old TV series? Let’s add good old remakes of classic movies to the mix. When we put it like that, one might think that turning movies to TV shows isn’t such a tragedy.

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Netflix and chill through TV shows, movies, it is all merging into one

Which popular movie should become a TV show next? Do we need this trend? Which remake sounds like a winner? Have your say in the comment section.

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