Elizabeth Olsen is Engaged and So is Ashley Olsen

The youngest Olsen sister, Elizabeth Olsen, is engaged to her musician boyfriend Robbie Arnett. The couple started dating three years ago and they kept rather quiet. Lizzy said in an interview that she imagines what it would be when she has a kid, but that was in 2017 and everyone forgot.

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Ashley seen in Los Angeles yesterday, July 29, 2019, as she headed to the cinema to see "once upon a time" with Louis (via dailymail). Loooove her outfit!! #ashleyolsen #olsen #olsens #olsentwins #twins #louiseisner

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Her older sister Ashley Olsen, of Mary-Kate and Ashley, child-actors turned fashion moguls, is also engaged. Though the older sisters are very private, she was spotted with the ring and according to the sources, it is from Louis Eisner. The artist and the famous twin probably started dating sometime in 2017.

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Elizabeth Olsen; Robbie Arnett’le nişanlandı! #elizabetholsen

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As for Mary-Kate, she married to Olivier Sarkozy in 2015 and no, there’s no info or gossip about their married life. Either way, with all these engagements and future weddings, we might get to see three famous sisters together.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, known just as Olsen Twins, started acting when they were babies. After a successful film career, barely out of their teens, the couple started actings out. There has been a lot of talk about eating disorders, drug abuse and failed relationships with troubled Hollywood stars. The twins are now 33 and you can only see them at some fashion event like CFDA.

Elizabeth Olsen is 30, her career is stabile and apart from dating rumors, Lizzy is living the good life. Despite the tension between the Olsen twins and their parents, they were always supportive of Lizzy and their brother James. The Row designers also have a less pricey clothing line, Elizabeth and James.

While we are sure we won’t see much of the wedding photos from the sisters, we hope to see the dresses. And we do believe that the Olsen twins managed to turn their lives around and break the course of child-actors.

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