Alanis Morissette on Pregnancy at 45, Postpartum Depression and #MeToo

Singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette opened up about serious issues which women are affected all the time. She is 45 now and expecting her third child. Canadian superstar experienced postpartum depression before and she is preparing herself to go through it again.

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Oh, hello! Introducing our latest cover star, @alanis, pregnant with her third child at 45. Head to @selfmagazine for the vulnerable, emotional, remarkable profile by @nicole.cliffe. In their expansive conversation, they discuss childbirth (in all its glorious and gory details), parenting, miscarriage, postpartum depression, marriage, #MeToo, and, of course, the magic of Jagged Little Pill. ❤️❤️❤️

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Music icon gave an honest and open interview to Self magazine. She started with a hard topic no one wants to talk about: “I always wanted to have three kids, and then I’ve had some challenges and some miscarriages so I just didn’t think it was possible.”

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Alanis Morissette, (who just happens to be one of my favorite musicians ⭐️), was recently interviewed by SELF magazine where she gave an honest account of her experience with postpartum depression. . While we need more than celebrities to speak out, their stories help to push the boundaries on these important mental health conversations. . Alanis shares how she hesitated to get help. . She’s not alone. . This is a common experience for many mothers. I too can relate as I waited close to ten months before getting the help I needed. . If you are struggling don’t wait. Seek out support as soon as possible! . Quoted from the article, . "First time around I didn’t seek help for a year and four months…and then second time I waited four months," she told the magazine. . "This time around I am not even waiting four minutes, I am going to be like, 'Okay, everybody, even if I say I am okay I want you to resist believing me.'" . "Depression has a way of taking away self-perception in a way it clouds things," she added. "I am actually going to need support and I am not going to push it away." . To read the full article head to @selfmagazine . 📸 @stephwilsonshoots via @selfmagazine . . . #alanismorissette #maternalmentalhealth #shareyourstory #gethelpgetbetter #selfmagazine #postpartumjourney #mentalhealthplan #newmothers #askforhelp #noshame #breakthestigmaofmentalillness #mothersmatter #motherhoodunfiltered

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But she is about to have her dream come true and this time she is ready for the postpartum depression. Alanis explained that she was taught to muscle through and remain super-high functioning. “Not singularly relying on myself to diagnose myself is key,” she said. “Because the first time around I waited.”

Alanis Morissette doesn’t hold back. So people were confused that she didn’t share her experiences and thoughts about #MeToo movement right away. Except she did, over 15 years ago, and here is how she sees things: “There were moments where around the #MeToo era where people would say, Why are people waiting so long to speak up? And I was like really? But then also I lovingly reminded a couple of them oh, but you do remember me saying something 15 years ago, right? Word for word about this and do you remember what happened during that time?” The musician was referring to her song “Hands Clean” which did not just stand the test of time, it got bigger and more significant.

Happy mom-to-be has nothing but love and respect for her husband, Souleye, explaining he grew up with a strong mother which makes him a great partner for an alpha female. The family lives in Los Angeles, though are far from a typical music family. In fact, for Alanis the most important part of parenting is teaching kids about boundaries.

While Alanis Morissette is effortlessly cool, what’s fascinating is that despite all the fame, she never compromised. She isn’t a sell-out, she is telling it like it is. We are wishing mom and the baby fast and safe delivery while remembering that great artists are also humans. And when they speak up about the real issues, it makes them even bigger.

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