#MeToo Got Seal Of Approval From Micheal Caine

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You know Sir Michael Caine, British actor’s career has been going strong for almost seven decades. And though he is not what you would call an open book, he did speak up to support #MeToo movement.

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The 86-year-old movie legend said: “Any actress going for an audition today, no producer would dare make a pass at her. Because he knows he’d be in the paper in the morning. So at least something good has come of it. Women, actresses can relax at auditions now. I mean they’ll be nervous about the audition – whether they’ll get the part – but they don’t have to worry about getting raped. “

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Although he worked with Harvey Weinstein on several occasions, Caine didn’t see any misbehavior, but he believed the women. “No one ever did anything in front of me. Because I was very pro-feminist, you know. And they knew that, so they wouldn’t do anything in front of me… I’ve always been a man for women’s lib,” continued movie and theater actor.

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The actor also supports equal pays, adding: “Mind you, I didn’t realize pay was worse for them because I worked with Elizabeth Taylor. ”

The actor’s respect for women comes from his mother and his wife of 46 years Shakira, who’s always with him on sets.

The world needs more Michael Caines! It is easy to believe him: he comes from a different era, yet he was never involved in a scandal. Also, he is not part of the Hollywood crowd, which makes him unique.

Well done, Sir!

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