Popular Watercolor Tattoos: Flowers, Spirit Animals, & More

popular watercolor tattoo

While there are some concerns about how long they’ll actually last, watercolor tattoos are still turning out to be a trendy form of art. They offer a colorful splash of art and are found attractive by those who want something more than the traditional black-ink tattoos. There is no indication that this trend is going away any time soon.

So, what kind of watercolor tattoos are people getting?

Here’s a quick look at some popular themes:

Flowers are always a popular theme in art, so it’s not surprising that there are so many people opting for floral tattoos in the watercolor style. Pink peonies and tulips on the arm are turning out to be hits. Flowers combined with other elements, like birds, are also very pretty and tend to attract attention.

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Some experts recommend that blues and purples are the best options for watercolor tattoos, since yellow / red / orange tones can “clash with certain skin tones”.

For some people, the more colorful, the better. Why stick with shades of one color when you can have a bright “palette pleasing” tattoo? These can be anything from multi-colored trees to mandalas and geometric shapes.

Another trend with watercolor tattoos is people getting their spirit animals (or just favorite animal) drawn on the skin. Birds, lions, and Koi fish in particular are popular. Some folks are going all out and opting for multi-colored elephants.

This kind of body art isn’t just colorful; it’s also as small or as big as people want it. The entire body can be used as a canvas or just a small area. Butterflies are always a popular choice when it comes to smaller tattoos.

With a combination of symbolism, meaning, and intricate designs, it’s not surprising that dreamcatchers have always been popular in art. Now, we’re seeing a trend emerge of dreamcatcher watercolor tattoos, in every size and color splashes imaginable.

These are just a few examples of the thousands of watercolor tattoos floating around on the internet. We’ll have to wait and see what trends pop up in the future.

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