George Michael and Amy Winehouse: Whose Ex Is Worse?

George Michael and Amy Winehouse both left us too soon. The British singers/songwriters dealt with depression, drugs, and alcohol addictions, and the press made their lives hell. No wonder they were friends. But even after their deaths, they have an unlucky connection: their exes, Fadi Fawaz, and Blake Fielder-Civil.

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Amy and Blake Fiedler-Civil were divorced at the time of her death, back in 2011. He admitted that he introduced a famous singer to hard drugs, but now he wants 1 million pounds. Winehouse gave him a pay-off back in 2009 when they got divorced.

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 A source close to the family, who now faces a court battle with Fielder-Civil, said: “This is someone who spent a lot of Amy’s money during their time together. He also and spent a lot of their marriage in prison, bringing nothing but pain to everyone. To give him another penny would be too much.”

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The family is under a lot of stress because the last thing they need is a reminder that did die from abuse of narcotics and alcohol. The lawsuit comes days after the eight anniversary of Miss Winehouse’s death. If you think one million is a lot, wait until you hear about George Michael’s ex and his demands.

Fadi Fawaz, his on-off boyfriend, discovered George Michael’s body. It is still unclear if they were together when Michael passed away. Still, his will says that his homes and everything he owns go to his family and a few friends from childhood.

Ex hairdresser Fawaz has been living in Michael’s house, until last week, when he finally got escorted by the police. The London home is worth a bit over five million dollars, and that’s precisely what he wants. Sources close to the family said: “They fear he will do an interview or reveal stuff online that they would consider private. He is a tough person to predict, and you never know what he will do, so they are trying to handle him with care. However, it is quite hard to know what he could reveal about George, which isn’t already known.”

George Michael’s sisters have stayed very civil and private. His friends refuse to talk about anything other than the late singer’s music. They are acting the way George would’ve acted if he didn’t deal with addiction. Both Amy Winehouse and George Michael sang about their troubled lives, and their families and fans do not more drama. The British laws are rather clear, but what their exes want is publicity, appearances, books, … Though they have no credibility.

What can the public do? Support the artists, listen to music. When it comes to George Michael and Amy Winehouse their body of work isn’t that big, but just listen to “Older” and “Back to Black” to understand their mindsets and why they had to leave us so soon. Usually, the families are fighting over money, but George and Amy always had to be different.

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