Ed Westwick in White Gold Series and Beyond

Ed Westwick, the British actor best known as Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, will be back on film and TV next year. The actor’s White Gold comedy series received positive reviews and the third season is all but officially confirmed. As for his movie career, there are two upcoming projects, a WWII drama Enemy Line, and indie comedy Me, You, Madness.

Ed Westwick White Gold Gossip Girl White Gold series

Ed Westwick had a nice career until late 2017. He didn’t score any massive roles, but he did step out of the Gossip Girl fog and started other, interesting projects. However, the actress Kristina Cohen accused Westwick of raping her three years earlier. Three more women came out with the same allegations and English actor and musician, got in front of the LA District Attorney.

Ed claimed he was innocent and by the end of 2018, he was a free man. Despite the break up with his model/girlfriend Jessica Serfaty, White Gold season 2 filming started and Ed seems to be in a good place. Needless to say, Westwick lost a lot of fans in the process and his reputation is damaged for good. His US career might never kick-off, but let’s get one thing straight: he did not prove he was innocent. The defense didn’t have to do a lot, because the prosecutors failed. It’s a sensitive subject, so let’s leave it at that.

Ed Westwick White Gold Gossip Girl White Gold series

Still, if you haven’t seen the BBC series White Gold, which is also on Netflix, give it a go. The TV show stars Joe Thomas and James Buckley from Inbetweeners, Oscar-winner Rachel Shenton and other respectable actors from the island. It’s set in the Essex, in the 80s and everything is on point: music, fashion, humor, acting and overacting because these guys are the yuppies you will love to hate. It doesn’t matter if you like or hate Ed Westwick, this show deserves a chance.


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