Ana de Armas: Meet New Bond Girl

While many are busy debating if there should be a female version of James Bond, No Time To Die brings us another Bond Girl, Ana de Armas. Spanish-Cuban actress will be Daniel Craig’s new love interest in his final 007 role. And here’s what you should know about her and her best year in professional life so far.

Bond Girl Ana de Armas No Time To Die

Ana de Armas started as a soap opera actress, and it took her nine years to get to the American movies. Meanwhile, her career in Spain made her one of the biggest upcoming stars, which is the main reason she got that call every young actress dreams off, the call from Hollywood.

31-year old had a breakthrough last year, with Blade Runner 2049, opposite Ryan Gosling. Then Armas got Campari campaign, and her name recognition got up. After becoming a Bond Girl, in Creig’s last movie about the agent, it is safe to say she can do whatever she wants.

Armas has strong opinions both on her femininity and her origins. “As a woman and a Latina, it’s pretty challenging. I have two separate labels to fight against, but I know I just have to stay strong and true to what I believe in,” Ana de Armas told Harper’s Bazaar.

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I’m the luckiest girl in the world. So honored to be a part of this insanely talented fun cast. I love and admire them all so much, I am so thankful to my friend and director @riancjohnson for trusting me with “Marta”. She’s a true gift! ♥️

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When it comes to her personal life, there’s not much to tell. At least, there are no big secrets or scandals. Ana de Armas is dating Edgar Ramírez, her former costar. She was married when she was in the early 20s and that’s all there is. If you check out her Instagram and take away the red carpet photos, it looks normal, full of friends and dogs. Clearly, she is aware she’s famous, but trying to stay firmly on the ground.

No Time To Die will be out in April next year.

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