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Netflix and Chill Can Actually Kill You

environment binge-watching Netflix and Chill

Journal of the American Heart Association research suggests that binge-watching can contribute to everything from heart disease to low sex drive and climate change. Watching TV for more than four hours per day can give you 50% higher risks of premature death from heart diseases.

 binge-watching  Netflix and Chill
Binge-watching leads to heart problems, obesity, depression

The whole concept called Netflix and Chill harms you in multiple ways. You are not moving, you aren’t relaxing, there are bigger chances that you are eating unhealthy snacks… It’s like a domino effect. So, binge-watching is no longer an option. Instead, try to limit your TV time to one episode per day.

There’s also an even bigger picture. According to The Shift Project: “the share of emissions attributable to the digital era will increase from 2.5 percent in 2013 to 4 percent in 2020, mostly fueled by the growth of video. Watching a high-definition video by streaming on a smartphone for just 10 minutes is equivalent to using a 2,000-watt electric oven at full power for five minutes”, states The Shift Project.

environment   binge-watching  Netflix and Chill
While destroying your health you are harming the environment as well

How streaming a movie online compares to someone using a car to drive to a theater, researcher Maxime Efoui-Hess says: “Two hours of streaming is equivalent to 6 kilograms of CO2 while driving would garner a fraction of that amount (around 200 grams per passenger). Air conditioning in the movie theater counts too.”

environment   binge-watching  Netflix and Chill
Your sex drive is being harmed, sort of speak

Since Netflix is the biggest world-wide network, they are the first ones being called out. The company recognizes the issues, but the final say is on us. From heart doctors to gynecologist and environmentalists, we have the same warning: stay away from your telly, tablet, and phone. Limit your time on social media and of course, filter the content.

Of course, no one is telling you to stop everything and go back to the caves. However, we have some great ways how to be proactive while procrastinating with your phone in your hands, so stay tuned…

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