TikTok For Gen Z and Celebrities

TikTok is somewhere between Vine, Instagram and YouTube. It is still fairly small, compared to Snapchat or Facebook, yet this social network is about to explode. How? Gez Z loves and celebrities are rushing to be part of it and stay relevant in the years to come. TikTok is cool, so what’s the secret?

Ashley Benson

Videos often are short and funny, almost satirical. TikTok rising stars are mostly from Gen Z and they cannot easily endorse brands. Why is this good? Because people are tired of Instagram influencers, even Instagram is. The Chinese app is mostly about music, so language tends not to pose a significant barrier.

A lot of celebrities recently joined. Will Smith, Cardi B, Ashely Benson, Reese Witherspoon, the Kardashians, to name a few. But they aren’t the most followed or the most popular. JiffPom is among the most followed and he’s a real-life pomeranian.

The Kardashians are on the platform as well

Overall, the app is just like other social media platforms. But TikTok is relevant because it is possible to get famous without ads, buying followers and such. Since it’s still less popular than YouTube or Snapchat, you get to taste the fame. Early TikTok memes went viral because they were embarrassing. In fact, people didn’t think this is going to become a thing. But, as we are getting closer to 2020, TikTok is growing. And we are yet to see if it will sink or get close to the big ones.

“A lot of talent on that platform is, I would argue, aspiring off-platform,” says CAA digital media agent Andrew Graham to THR. “They view their career as a ladder, and one of the rungs of the ladder is TikTok. TikTok is an amazing platform if you’re looking to find an audience and you don’t yet have one,” says Graham. Most of the new voices that we’re seeing from an influencer perspective, their origin story is beginning on TikTok.” So, if you are looking for talents or want to be somewhat famous, you know what to do.


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