McLaren or McBeast?

Only a teaser picture of the newest McLaren’s new GT car has been revealed and there is a shocking yet obvious roar in the world of car lovers. According to sources, the new McLaren’s GT car will be named McLaren GT and one thing you’d want for sure after watching the teaser is to hear that throttle.

For all those who wonder, GT is the short form for Grand Tourer (Italian name: Gran Turismo). These are basically high speed capable vehicles and can be used for long driving hours.

Although the teaser is out, nobody can wait for the full reveal that will be disclosed on May 15th. This newest edition is said to be a hybrid of super car and GT. Along with the ethereal speed and structure of the car, the company has aimed for it to be comfortable too. The McLaren GT was showcased in the Geneva Motor Show this year. The CEO Mike Flewitt said the car would have “continent-crossing capability.” Flewitt also said the GT would share DNA with McLaren’s $2.2 million, 1,035-horsepower Speedtail, which the company describes as its “hyper GT.”

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The car lineup McLaren currently divides into is Sports Series, Super Series, and Ultimate Series. However, the new GT model will be a stand-alone and will not fit into any of the three series. Currently, McLaren is not ready to showcase specifications. Regardless, we will find out for sure when the McLaren GT is finally unveiled on May 15th.

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