Latest Cyberattacks on WhatsApp raises a universal concern about the safety of the Internet

Global connectivity is at its all-time high, and people can now link up with each other in real-time with no disruption in communication. But as we all know, everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage. While the benefits of the Internet and Global Connectivity are numerous and almost indispensable, it has some disadvantages too.

Talking about the downsides, the first thing that comes to mind is the nefarious activities of hackers who perpetrate cyberattacks. Phishing is getting more sophisticated and prevalent on the Internet

Some people use the Internet to hatch evil plots, share illicit materials, and generate fraudulent emails while hiding their identity.

Prevalent Cyberattacks doesn’t exempt the Big Guns as well

Nobody is completely safe from cyberattacks. From big corporations to small startups, everybody is always trying to implement cybersecurity practices to ward off any potential cyberattack. As global connectivity continues to spread all over the world, cyberattacks are becoming very rampant too-thereby, causing a lot of concerns in the Tech Industry.

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Recently, WhatsApp reported a huge security breach that affected a lot of people who use its instant messaging app. It added in its report that the breach took a form of malicious spyware developed by private cyber experts. Furthermore, WhatsApp stated that the violation looked like a coordinated cyberattack from a government agency and targeted towards human rights group.

The attackers used the messaging app’s in-app phone call feature on iPhones and Android smartphones to install the spyware. The call is untraceable as it disappears from the call history shortly after the evil act, and the malware transmission still occurs even if the user does not answer the phone.

Improving Cyber-resilience to curb Cyberattacks

In a bid to address the issue and curb the effect of the attack, WhatsApp urges its users to update the app to the latest version with a patch. It also tasks its team to put in more security enhancements that will ward off similar attacks in the future.

For a firm that offers high-level of encryption, security, and privacy, it goes without saying that cybersecurity is a big threat. Firms must do away with outdated cybersecurity technology and embrace modern frameworks that will guard against the latest threats.

The global internet community also needs to do more to bolster cyber-resilience and bring cyber attackers to book.

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