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BH 90210 Trailer is Weird and Funny, But Still Wrong

Beverly hills 90210 reboot

The ultimate show of the 90s (sorry Twin Peaks) is making TV return this August. While nostalgia seems to be one everyone’s mind in the past two years or so, the revival of 90210 just seems wrong. Luke Perry, who played Dylan, died this year and everyone was shocked, even those who were fans of the show. The guy wasn’t the best actor, the best-looking actor; he was a decent person and had a charming TV screen presence. But the show must go on.

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Another promo for BH90210 – The Beverly Hills 90210 revival – airing on August 7th! 😎🌴☀️ #BH90210 #90210 #BeverlyHills90210 #90s #90smovieclips #bonus90smovieclips #beverlyhills9021090smovieclips

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BH 90210 already had one revival, back in the 2000s, but that was back when Gossip Girl ruled the world, and no one needed two TV shows about very privileged kids, and let’s be honest: Gossip Girl simply had better fashion and better actors. Leighton Meester is killing it in Single Parents; Blake Lively is a proper Serena, minus the troubles and Ed Westwick is on White Gold, great British comedy, which you might want to check out. Fast forward to the present moment, we are back to the original Beverly Hills 90210 cast and here are some thoughts about the trailer/teaser or whatever this clip represents.

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#90210 You’re gonna love what we’ve done to the place!

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Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Donna, David, and Andrea are back, older, probably not wiser, but it made me feel like I am a kid again. The clip is cute and cheesy. Still, Dylan is missing, and I do hope they address it in a proper matter. No “He is on a trip,” BH 90210 the original addressed the harsh reality and this is a great way to honor Luke Perry and show people that the series cares about the fans, the character, and the story.

It is great to see Shannen Doherty, the former bad girl of TV and Lifetime movies. She was fighting cancer, and I got to say it: hope she feels as well as she looks! And while I hated Steve, Ian Ziering aged better than the rest, so what’s his secret? Needless to say, I will check out the new old show, what about you? Excited, disappointed, confused or just reading this and thinking “What the heck is 90210?”

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