Top 5: Insane and Outstanding Celebrity Homes

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Fame means nothing unless you have real-estate to enjoy your downtime. Of course, rich and famous don’t buy just one outlandish home, they own properties on various locations, but some are just more extravagant than others. Let’s see whose homes deserve the titles of the craziest and poshest places to live in.

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The LaLaurie Mansion…one of the many haunted houses in the Quarter. Learn more on our Historie Noir ghost tour. #lalaurie #lalauriemansion #lalauriehouse #neworleans #ghosttour #ghosttours #neworleans #nola #historienoir

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Even though he no longer lives there, Nicolas Cage’s former house has to be on this list. It is not because it is stunning or has its own airport (here’s looking at you, John Travolta), but the LaLaurie House has gruesome past, and it is among the most famous haunted places. The infamous home was once owned by Madame Delphine LaLaurie and her husband, Dr. Louis LaLaurie. The couple enjoyed torturing slaves and even inspired Kathy Bates’ character on “American Horror Story: Coven.”. The actor owned the home before losing it to foreclosure in 2009. So why did he buy it? Cage said: “You know other people have beachfront property; I have ghost front property – that’s what I always say. I have not experienced anything, but I like a bit of mystery, and the house has such a mystery to it. Some of the stories about it are pretty horrific.”

Once you get to know more about the house, i’m sure you would rather have that beach property, but then again, the Oscar winner was always different.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell and her “Egyptian Eye of Horus” home, located near Bodrum, Turkey, are all about protecting the environment. British supermodel got this state of art property from her ex; it has 25 bedrooms, five lounges, it’s entirely energy and water self-sufficient and features a fabulous indoor landscaped terrace. This piece of eco-art is just one of many homes Naomi owns, among which also worth mentioning is a spaceship inspired house in Moscow.

You know how sometimes you just want to have an espresso in Italy, but you can’t because you hate busy airports? Don’t worry; John Travolta has got it all figured out. The actor and his wife Kelly Preston Own a property with “only” two runways that lead directly to the front door. Eccentric actor explained that he fell in love with airplanes when he was a child and his wife added “It was always John’s dream to have planes in his front yard — to practically be able to pull up to the house — so that when you wanted to go to dinner, all you’d have to do was step out the door, get on the plane and whisk off.” John Travolta is a certified private pilot who owns five aircrafts which come in handy when they want to have dinner in NYC; just a few hours away from their Florida airport home.

Even though having an island like the one above sounds like a perfect solution for those who want luxury and privacy, let’s keep our focus to impressive, overpriced and houses with stories.

Another Oscar winner, Matt Damon, made one of the most exciting purchases. Instead of getting a place in Manhattan, as all rich and powerful do, he got a place in Brooklyn. Nevertheless, Hollywood celebrity took the Brooklyn home to the next level. The area has two floors and a rooftop, and it is in the building where Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent lived. Jason Bourne meets Superman. You cannot make this up.

The price of almost 17 million dollars topped the area, however it is still nothing compared to our favorite A list couple.

Bey and Jay Z are the best. They are the American royalty, and they live accordingly. I can bet you Richard Branson’s island that the couple cannot name all their properties in a minute. In 2017, they bought their new LA home and topped the list of most expensive in LA county. It has a spa, recording studio, four swimming pools, and much more… and all that could have been yours for just 135 million dollars.

So, what are your thoughts on the massive estates and whose home would you like to own? Let us know!

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