Grumpy Cat is Dead and We Are All Grieving

grumpy cat

Adorable Internet sensation, simply known as Grumpy Cat, passed away due to urinary tract infection. This kitty earned 100 million dollars and millions of fans, due to the unusual looks. Grumpy (real name Tadar Sauce) had feline dwarfism and it caused the feline to look distinctive and gain international fame.

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Among the fans were Nicole Kidman, Conan O’Brien, Jennifer Lopez, she had several books, a movie, modeling contracts, and her owner said that the cat was quite happy and playful, despite looking miserable.

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Some days are grumpier than others…

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Grumpy Cat’s social media platforms are flooded with messages of support to her family.

The love for this kitten is not unusual: she was one of us, gave grumpy mood a fluffy makeover. But most of all she gave so much to the meme lovers, and we are grateful that she was born. Rest in peace over the rainbow bridge, Grumpy!

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