Cannes 2019 Just Proved That Women’s Fashion Is a Mess

Cannes 2019 fashion

The good news in the fashion world is that Prada is giving up fur. The bad news… Well, the fashion in Cannes was almost a total mess.

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Cannes 2019 presented several movies that are going to be summer hits, maybe even more than that. “Rocketman” might be one of those films that will stay important, but that remains to be seen. Our focus is fashion, so let’s see who messed up and how.

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The biggest premiere was “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.” The female lead, Margot Robbie, is a drop dead gorgeous lady, but her outfit was anything but. It was supposed to be a tribute to the late 60s but felt flat. Her photocall Chanel was better, yet it felt like it wasn’t fitted properly.

Iconic French house doesn’t do bohemian chic properly, but Penelope Cruz saved Chanel with more elegant and classic choices.

Another stunning woman, supermodel Doutzen Kroes, graced the premiere of Tarantino’s movie. Apart from her face, everything looked terrible. Tom Ford’s animal printed dress with fringe look too busy and just overall lacked class.

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She is a world-class fashionista, yet Chiara Ferragni looked like a fashion rookie in a Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini bralet and maxi skirt. It is a look for a fancy beach party, not a red carpet.

Amber Heard wore thigh-high boots with ruffled Elie Saab gown. While we are all for experimenting and swinter (summer and winter merged for fashion’s sake), the point is to look stylish, bold, and outstanding. The actress didn’t achieve any of it. Instead, it was like she forgot her outfit and bought the first items she saw in matching color.

Deepika Padukone isn’t a complete miss, despite looking a bit like a hot mess. The Valli’s cupcake dress and soft pink details looked fun and different than expected.

Marion Cotillard wore biker shorts, and it was the first time she didn’t just make a fashion faux, but this Balmain look is an insult to the premiere of “Matthias Et Maxime.”  Her other looks weren’t good, but this outfit belongs to the toss pile. Cotillard went for edgier looks, but she doesn’t look like she is enjoying them, so why not just stick to that well known French chic?

On the other side, Dakota and Elle Fanning looked like princesses. Elle in Dior hat, skirt, and blouse, was the epitome of retro chic, while her older sister was angelic in Prada’s gown.  The sisters wore Rodarte and Prada so well; they should be hired as full-time brand ambassadors. Karolina Kurkova wore a similar, princess-y dress, with bold and loud print and looked every inch a supermodel.

It is easy to understand why some models looked bad. They were in Cannes to promote jewelry, makeup, designers, and don’t have a saying in what they wear unless they are ultra famous. However, actresses seem to trust their stylist blindly. Men had it easy, as usual, but that’s because a nicely tailored suit is always a hit, and some extravagant moments were done tastefully. With women, it looks like a competition for attention, and sadly, some of the world’s most beautiful women fell into that trap, instead of wearing what suits them.

Tilda Swinton proved once again, that style always wins. She wore outfits that flatter her public persona. Helen Mirren’s pink hair was a massive hit because she looks like she is having fun and enjoying herself. Isn’t that what fashion is supposed to be about? We have a closing night so maybe it will get better. Let’s hope so!

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